Power: strategies and goals vs egalitarianism


In any attempt at self-empowerment or the empowerment of others, sooner or later you will hit the barriers to empowerment created by the Power elite and its constructs of grades of power. The barriers are there to guard against access to power, and limit too much empowerment by too many. […]

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Power and its protection by secrecy

Power may be compared to an iceberg where only a quarter is visible above the water, whilst the other three quarters are submerged and hidden. Secrecy is vital for the maintenance of Power and it has many forms, but its main concern is the protection of wealth and for those with more Machiavellian goals the […]

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Britain: elitism plutocracy and fake history

An elite plutocracy c.1300-1600 BC was represented in this marine vase of an octopus with tentacles that stretch everywhere

Should Britain be a meritocracy Boris Johnson was asked in his first appearance as Prime Minister in the House of Commons, to which he replied that of course it should, ignoring his own part in an elitist plutocracy. Whilst he channels his inner hero Churchill and Labour Executive channel their inner heroes of Stalin, Lenin […]

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