Operation Paperclip, Rockefeller and Jack Parsons

On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the question is did the technology for the forerunner of the Saturn V rocket that reportedly put Neil Armstrong on the Moon on July 22, 1969 originate with Wernher von Braun a 22 year old SS officer with a PhD in engineering or did it originate with the brilliant occult US rocket scientist Jack Parsons and what role did William C. Rockefeller play in the NAZI V-2 rocket programme?

Did the technology for the nazi V-2 rockets and ultimately the Saturn V rocket in the Apollo Moon landing originate with the German scientist Von Braun or with occult rocket scientist Jack Parsons.
Von Braun as a NAZI who later became director of NASAs Marshall Space Flight Centre

Von Braun, was given a grant by the NAZIS to build experimental rockets. This form of weaponry had been omitted from a list of weaponry prohibited under the Treaty of Versailles, following WW1. A facility at Peenemünde on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom was set up for von Braun. Germany’s top engineers and physicists worked at the site. Pilotless rockets carrying explosives were developed using slave labour – French and Russian prisoners of war.

In 1942, von Braun’s team launched the world’s first long-range guided ballistic missile the V-2 (V meaning “vengeance”). Approximately 3,000 V-2’s landed on London during the Blitz and on Antwerp, causing thousands of dead and injured. In 1943 the British Royal Air Force blitzed the rocket facility, after which the Nazis transferred the operation to a former mine (Mittelbau-Dora), where horizontal tunnels were drilled into northern Germany’s Harz mountains with slave labour, numbering approximately 60,000 men of whom 20,000 were worked to death. The tunnels were used as mile long assembly lines to produce the rockets.

Towards the end of WW2 following the battles of Kursk and Stalingrad, von Braun and his team of 118 scientists were secretly evacuated to the United States in an operation code-named ‘Operation Paperclip.’ They avoided being tried as war criminals but classed as aeronautical engineers through a secret strategy of placing a paper clip to the outside of their folders, such that nothing written occurred. This signaled their priority and necessary omission of their Nazi past, thus avoiding testimonies of surviving POWs. In America von Braun and his team worked at a military facility in Huntsville, Alabama and enjoyed the all-American lifestyle.

The Russians launched Sputnik, the world’s first artificial satellite in 1957, at the time when the “pretense” of a ‘Cold War,’ was being played to gullible public and gullible politicians (The Secret History of European Union Vol. 1 p.259) The propaganda line claimed the Russians were gaining on the US in terms of space technology – the idea was then of a race to conquer space, which required public funding to stave off this imagined threat (the politics of fear). Von Braun was placed in charge of the US ballistic missile programme and the following year his team launched Explorer 1 satellite.

NASA put von Braun in charge of the space programme, where it is alleged he designed the Saturn V rocket. Sam Phillips, the director of the Apollo programme, claimed America would not have reached the Moon without von Braun, but the question is whether the honor should go to Jack Parsons and his colleagues?

‘John Whiteside Parsons also known as Jack Parsons was a brilliant rocket scientist and also Head of a secret Lodge (the Agape Lodge) a branch of the OrdoTempli Orientis (O.T.O), in Pasadena, California. He founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). His interest in rocket propulsion brought him into contact with Robert Goddard, the rocket scientist who worked at Roswell, New Mexico. I have in other books identified the Goddard Centre as being involved with esoteric/occult projects. Parsons also met with German and Russians working in the field of rocket propulsion and also met with Wernher von Braun and probably also with Herman Oberth, the father of German Rocketry.

Jack Parsons

Parsons was probably also in contact with Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Oberth’s peer in Russia and Esnault Pelterie in France. The JPL was the precursor of the NASA programme and was known as the Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory, California Institute of Technology or GALCIT. In 1926, GALCIT came under the direction of the well-known Hungarian of Jewish extraction Professor Theodore von Kármán (1881-1963). He was descended from Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel of Prague, who often boasted of his ancestor’s reputation for having created a golem, an artificial human being in Hebrew folklore endowed with life’.

Professor Theodore von Kármán receives the National Medal of Science from JFK

‘The JPL had a monument erected outside in 1968 with the name of William C. Rockefeller engraved along with other founders. It is odd that whilst Rockefeller is honored in the monument, he is only referred to in documents as: “…There was also associated with the group for a while and individual named Rockefeller (“Rocky”), but little mention of him exists in the records”.’

‘Frank Malina and Jack Parsons, both working at JPL wrote a novel with an anti-war plot that was supposed to serve as a movie treatment. Malina was worried the JPL research would be used in the coming war in Europe. It seems the plot was based on fact rather than fiction, where it is implied that rocket research at JPL might have been fed to the Germans. The plot about a group of rocket scientists appears based on themselves and their associates at GALCIT, where they struggle to carry out pure research while other factions have more covert and selfish aims – the plot is significantly anti-capitalist. The question is whether Rockefeller was funding the research.’

‘The character based on Parsons is named ‘Theophile Belvedere’, who is a mystic and who speaks for religion and the organized church (presumably Thelema or Aleister Crowley’s religion as Head of the O.T.O.). The plot details how a rich investor actually sells their secrets to the Nazis and Fascists, which tends to question the origin of the technology which became Hitler’s V-2 rockets, which decimated London during the blitz’. For a fuller account refer to The Secret History of European Union V.2 p.337.

I have covered extensively the Rockefeller Family’s involvement (The Secret History of European Union v. 2 p. 317 -360; EU Babel and Babalon) in the gearing for a political and religious World Order in the globalization plan. They have long supported the European Union project and the political model for Europe was based on a format sketched out in the Nazi compendium, published in 1942, entitled Europӓische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft, although I have traced the globalisation plan to a group of monopolists in Late Minoan Crete – the emigres from Scotland c. 1300-1600 B.C A secret group who have never ceased to exist, where the archetypal history of this group still appears in artwork, architecture and statues of the European Union, even appearing in the London Millennium icon and Olympic Games 2012 (color plates, The Secret History of the European Union v.1)

On May 30th 2012 a powerful “strategic partnership” between the Rothschild and Rockefeller families ominously occurred and this I believe can only lead to acceleration of the World Order program and as part of that a Federal Europe. Why ominous? Any world Order will as I cover in The Secret History of the European Union lead to a harsh dictatorship. Max Jakobson of the Twentieth Century Fund (1993) in The United Nations in the 1990s: A Second Chance? Claimed “…a world order would have to be a harsh dictatorship.”

Jack Parsons died mysteriously in an explosion and the question is whether he was assassinated because he knew too much.

Ron Hubbard who was at the Agape Lodge for a period with Parsons and acted as a scribe in Parsons Babalon Working, may have run off not only with Parson’s girlfriend Betty, but also with the secret O.T.O rituals and I have questioned whether these rituals were used to obtain information from the Akashic Record (The Secret History of the European Union V.1 p. 104 -112) and which formed the basis of Hubbard’s OT levels in the Church of Scientology. This is probably the reason that Hubbard was chased for virtually all his life by just about every US government agency. The position in Britain is no better, despite The Human Rights Act. The secret groups guard carefully their secrets keeping them for an elite, where their worst nightmare would be for man to become enabled – gosh what would happen to them! I have in Theatre Earth – Who Pulls the Strings? Vol. 3, explained the OT levels in terms of science, as Hubbard with no higher science background failed to fully understand the data, the archetypes and indeed placed some big misunderstandings into his ‘tech’ as it is termed.

That which you don’t originate, you will never fully understand.

I don’t criticize because no-one’s perfect and kudos to Hubbard, he released data which otherwise may never have surfaced.  

Catch me next time!

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