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The Author and Scientist - Renee Henry

The author graduated with a joint honours degree in Biochemistry and Physiology, from Southampton University (UK) and worked as a biochemist in academic research for many years, before setting up the Karnak Charitable Trust in 1989. The Trust was an independent research project, which sought to research the cause of cancer and chronic illness. The author disillusioned by the inability of modern medicine to resolve the Platonic Maxim* set out on a path of independent research.

Before you can cure a man’s body, you must first cure his mind and before that his soul’ – (Plato’s maxim)

Clearly modern medicine had failed to grasp the answer that was there from the beginning – cancer is a condition of mind and body and spirit, which the author was fully able to identify as a scientific mechanism in her published research paper. The research reveals a specific psychology in cancer, which underpins the biochemistry and unless that psychology is addressed the patient’s health remains at risk.

In 1989 the author published the research study on a proposed mechanism for cancer in the journal Complementary Medical Research. R. Henry, S. McLean: ‘A Theory for Cancer based on a Study of Cancer Patients Using The Gerson Therapy in Conjunction with Psychological Counselling’: Complementary Medical Research Spring 1989 Vol.3 No.2. The mechanism proposed, linked a specific biochemistry of cancer to a specific psychology. The full account of that research is related in The Cancer Files

The backlash that the author experienced due to that research was formidable and it soon became apparent that a major factor was the covert background to meta-politics – the politics of the spirit or soul. The author to disentangle this background and the third part of the Platonic maxim engaged in a two year research project in Greece, This research centred on the Mysteries of the Early Minoans and surprisingly the research not only came to explain Einstein’s singularity, but numerous archetypal and historical links through the secret groups to modern day politics and European Union. The full account of this period of the author’s research is related in the four volumes of the Theatre Earth series of 4 volumes.

The author finally published two volumes on The Secret History of the European Union, which distilled the facts of history and secret groups in bringing about the most covert political project in modern times; the plan to unite Europe under a single ‘supranational government’ and the world revolutionary agenda and strategy. The question the books raise is whether the events we are witnessing today have occurred in past cycle[s] on this planet and we are merely sleep walking to extermination, trapped in a cycle controlled by pixelated data from a past cycle; and further controlled by a secret group with their own agenda and plan for their survival and yet the beginning of another cycle with reclaimed DNA. Unfortunately whilst man would like to think this will not involve him and sounds like something from science fiction, the science is there; as Winston Churchill once remarked: “The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is”. Revelations in The Bible reminds us, the end involves being remembered in some ‘Cosmic Mind’ – well that’s if you don’t wake up! Much time was spent in volumes 3 and 4 of the Theatre Earth series covering the Re-cycling programme of this universe and outlining how the secret groups work to and further re-enforce the archetypes of these cycles [9/11 the twin towers as past archetype being one example]. The archetypes were fully covered in the Theatre Earth series.

The author also pointed out [The Secret History of European Union Vol.1 p.95] link to volume 1 that:

“… on a 42,000 year cycle, the earth wobbles and the angle of the axis, with respect to the plane of revolution around the sun, varies between 22.10 and 24.50. Less of an angle than our current 23.450 means less seasonal differences between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres while a greater angle means greater seasonal differences [i.e. a warmer summer and cooler winter]: 12,000 years from now the Northern Hemisphere will experience summer in December and winter in June because the axis of the earth will be pointing at the star Vega instead of its current alignment with the North Star or Polaris. This seasonal reversal won’t happen suddenly but the seasons will gradually shift over thousands of years. A 1976 study published in the Journal Science examined deep-sea sediment cores and found that Milankovich’s theory corresponded to periods of climate change Indeed, ice ages had occurred when the earth was going through different stages of orbital variation. Not something governments mention as they raise taxes on carbon emissions…”

There is what appears to be a catastrophic 25,000 year cycle which the author discusses in terms of species wipe outs and connects that to the 1800 flips on the Y [male] chromosome and further  to the extinction of the dinosaurs in the last cycle in the Triassic period [Theatre Earth series vols. 1-3]

Fake news, fake history continually penetrates the mind of man and is drummed into the upcoming generation. The mantra that European Union evolved after World War 2, is just such another lie. The Secret History of European Union unequivocally proves this. The author collected over 3,000 references in evidence. European Union as a goal or a “United States of the West” was evident as a plan in the secret groups principally the highest Masonic grades, as far back as the French Revolution, where Europe’s monarchies were mainly extinguished as part of the plan. The justification of European Union being developed in order to preserve peace after two World Wars is another piece of fake history. It must be questioned whether those world wars were created by the secret groups, in order to further a plan of unity in building the power pyramid model of the Nature God [. The strategy has been based on dialectic argument, of thesis and anti-thesis creating a synthesis of the desired result. Two world wars showed that synthesis was used. A further strategy has been one of engrenage or slow gearing whereby secret groups work in very long cycles, geared to secret knowledge of past cycles, such that events in history are not connected to the ultimate goal or agenda and thus not noticed. European Union has followed that strategy.

The basic misunderstanding that weaves its way through politics and religion – meta politics or the politics of the spirit is that man no longer recognises he is his immortal spirit. The Mysteries of the Woman and The Cycle of Eternal Return were overtaken and hidden but used by patriarchy removing all truth of mans’ existence. The misunderstanding goes back to a Religious Revolution in Crete c. 1600 -1300 BC. This misunderstanding formed a large part of the Theatre Earth series and is very relevant to the plan of political and religious unity being planned and forwarded today. The events in Crete were a major turning point for mankind and like the butterfly effect is only currently revealing its effects worldwide. In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependency on initial conditions in which a small change at one place in deterministic system can result in large differences in a later state. The small change occurred when the Late Minoans, émigrés from Scotland, took over the Woman’s Mysteries, and utilised them, to overlay the truth of THE CYCLE OF ETERNAL RETURN with their own agenda for a universal political and religious unity. Their proposed religion is based on the God of Nature and derives from sons of Seth or Sheth, the son of Adam who “made God their enemy” and were “despisers of all that was good.” From that time to this man has been taught the wrong message and lesson where the truth of his existence has been hidden from him. The Mary Magdalene tried to bring back the matriarchal Mysteries, but was betrayed as the books for the first time reveal.

The Illuminatus Pyramidal model is to be the one employed both politically and religiously; it is the model taken from Nature. It is being used by the European Union and will be rolled out to the World State. It is and has been used by every dictator and is employed in a number of countries including Russia and China: “It is the most dangerous model ever conceived by man” [The Secret History of the European Union vol. 1 p. 155].

The Secret groups and one in particular work in very long cycles and it must indeed be highly upsetting for them to have their secrets and strategy revealed to man and their plans over the centuries made in secret and in dark places, now shown the light of day and the truth of their god revealed.

This research including original research undertaken in Greece, has taken over thirty years and as some of the letters in the ‘About the Books’ section illustrate, has taken a formidable toll on your author. It is with regret that I cannot reply to emails other than sales issues or engage in discussions. The decisions you take are your own, but I remind you your eternity depends on those decisions. There are always going to be those who have a sufficiently open mind and willingness to listen to a variant alternative viewpoint. However one comes to realise as Ayn Rand said:“The truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it”

Watch out for my final explosive book!

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drown out your own inner voice: And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary”. (Steve Jobs)

“You measure a democracy by the freedom it gives its dissidents, not the freedom it gives its assimilated conformists.” [Abbie Hoffman]

© R. Henry ‘All rights Reserved’

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