Stairway to Armageddon: A Study Of A New Motive For The Assassinations Of John F. Kennedy And Robert F. Kennedy And Death Of Diana Princess of Wales


A document published in the US in 2000 outlined in prophetic detail the event of 9/11 in New York (2001). There is seemingly no connection between the event of 9/11 and wars that followed in the Middle East with the assassinations of President J. F. Kennedy (1963) and Senator Robert F. Kennedy (1968) or the death of Diana Princess of Wales (1997). The Kennedy’s were involved in a secret battle (religious and political), which this book reveals as a motive behind their assassinations. Diana subsequently became a victim of these ongoing events.

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The attacks on September 11, 2001 (9/11) changed everything as the U.S. government embarked on a disastrous falsely claimed response to them, initiating the “war on terror”, starting with Iraq (2003) and Afghanistan. In 2000, a document was published, virtually unnoticed in the U.S., based on a project set up in 1997, by men with ties to Zionism and the Defence establishment, and where one at least had ties to the arms trade and industry – the military industrial complex. The document outlined in prophetic detail events which were to come and which only needed a “catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbour”, which for them conveniently materialised in the events of 9/11, described as “the opportunity of ages”.

The 2000 document was preceded by a document published in 1996, which was a blueprint for the incoming Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu to follow and which recommended a ‘Clean Break’ with the Oslo Peace Accords, necessary before forthcoming geopolitical wars and the seizure of more land from the Palestinians, furthering the Zionist goal of hegemony in the Middle East and the prophetic religious goal of “The Promised Land” which destabilised the Middle East.

One does not immediately connect these events to the assassinations of U.S. President John F. Kennedy in 1963 and his brother Senator Robert Kennedy in 1968. Neither would one immediately connect the late Diana Princess of Wales, who died in 1997 to these events. Careful analysis based on files released by the CIA, together with thirty years of original research into the history and activities of secret groups by the author, provides a hitherto unexplored motive for the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers and possible assassination of Diana.

The Kennedy brothers were engaged in a secret battle, both religious and political. Had the Kennedy brothers not been assassinated and won their secret battle, then the policy documents would never have been written and 9/11 would not have occurred and the world would have been spared the horrific images of war in the Arab Israeli conflict and quite possibly spared nuclear Armageddon – a final catastrophic war.

As joint U.S. Israeli foreign policy now focuses on Iran and geopolitical tensions with China escalate the author as a scientist, questions whether the prophetic biblical Book of Revelation, is being re-enacted, based on the science of holograms and the Zodiac Cycle, where history repeats itself and Man treads that past at his own peril – where the End is anchored in the events of the Beginning and that End comes with a nuclear war.

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