Power: strategies and goals vs egalitarianism


Society appears to outwardly change over time, but in fact its structures and inner workings remain remarkably the same. Philosophically speaking the egalitarian hypothesis assumed freedom, equality and importantly equal opportunity for all. This can never be allowed by the Power elite who seek control, authority and influence over others and the strategies, by which this is achieved vary little in different political systems and also vary little throughout history.

The powerful and the powerless are as old as Methuselah, from the Pharaohs of Egypt who used slave labour, to the clothes factories, agriculture, and mining industry of today. International Labour Organization Global Estimates on Child Labour claim 152 million children were in child labour in 2016.

child labour

Why is there not a world-wide ban on child and forced labour, with serious penalties? Power needs the powerless in order to exercise control, authority and influence and of course accumulate wealth in the process.

Power perpetuates itself by strategies that vary very little. An enormous amount of data and knowledge is avoided, forbidden and classed as taboo; this includes the true facts of history and the role of secret groups and their strategies in that history. It also includes forbidden hidden science. This knowledge has the ability to empower but it remains off limits with the outcome of dumbing down humanity.

The Power elite, the few at the pinnacle know they must secretise power. You don’t find this elite in newspapers, or in news bulletins or in the pages of Hello! Magazine. They conceal their power, but are able through a network of individuals and groups – the ‘managers’ to exercise their power and the goal of control, authority and influence mainly in regard to politics and economics, but also religion. They might be termed the puppet masters.

If one wants to achieve power, one must truly understand the strategies of power, the societal model which limits power and the power constructs within the societal model.  In a prior blog the pyramidal power model of the EU, was compared to the beehive model with one queen bee at the apex of the societal structure serviced by many worker bees. This model was mentioned by Adam Weishaupt the infamous founder of the secret society of the Illuminati, which played an important part in the French Revolution unknown to the citizens of Paris and still unknown today to the majority (Theatre Earth – Who Pulls the Strings Vol. 1).

Johann Adam Weishaupt was a German philosopher, professor, and founder of the Order of the Illuminati, a secret society.

School curricula still teach the disinformation line of fake history that the French Revolution was a people’s revolution, as was the Russian and British revolutions. Fake history is a strategy that Power uses to hide its past activities. Fake news, fake history and propaganda are clever and deliberately engineered disinformation, the object of which is to create confusion and reduce the ability to observe (reality).

The pyramidal model, or the triangle used to represent the model of society is not simply the mass at the bottom ruled by the few – the Power elite at the top. The model is full of blind alleys, hidden doors and carefully laid traps. There are true facts, false so-called ‘facts’ and those who aim to stop your journey of empowerment together with the uncertainty of ever arriving. The interior of the societal model is more akin to the labyrinth. The one valuable guide is the ability to observe.

In any attempt at self-empowerment or the empowerment of others, sooner or later you will hit the barriers to empowerment created by the Power elite and its constructs of grades of power. The barriers are there to guard against access to power, and limit too much empowerment by too many.

Extraordinary evidence emerged that the Metropolitan Police targeted a Chinese dissident in London following concerted pressure from Beijing. Shao Jiang, a Tienanmen Square survivor who fled China and was granted political asylum, was arrested in London in October 2015 during a state visit from President Xi Jinping. Shao was holding two A4 sheets of paper, one saying “End Autocracy” and the other saying “Democracy Now” before being aggressively detained by officers. In this case the UK government was subservient to Beijing, rather than explain to them that Britain is a democracy, with the right to free speech and peaceful protest. Power requires subservience in order to maintain control and authority.

Shao Jiang

One strategy of Power has been to police those who seek to empower others or become self-empowered. Political Correctness is just one such strategy, where effectively every citizen has been enrolled in this ‘spy’ network. It relies on the urge of the majority to ‘fit in’ and the base nature of man, who is never as happy as when he can become a ‘good citizen’ by causing misery to others. The Nazis of course relied on this strategy, as did the East German official state security service – the Stasi. It is a sad fact that societal power conditioned as it has been, is trained by Power to suppress, thwart or prevent self-empowerment or empowerment of others.

Power seeks not only societal control but control of wealth, resources including land and knowledge and it surrounds itself in secrets. As a result society is ignorant of high value facts which lead to empowerment. Ignorance becomes stupidity which at a societal level is easier to manipulate.

In a previous blog I referred to a whistle-blower of Freemasonry, who when describing his experience of that organisation referred to it as a “feudal power” system based on subservience. He also revealed that the majority of Freemasons were Conservatives. Power is a hierarchical system with orders or ranks, each subordinate to the one above. This subservience is imprinted on society as a graded system of power constructs, ranging from the elite Power at the top, to the many or powerless at the bottom. The grading can be based on wealth or rank. This ranking system is the visible part of power, but the real elite Power is hidden and guarded by secrecy. Its goal however is to gain control, authority and influence over others and this cannot be achieved unless there is mass of people to exercise that power over. In short Power can only exist when the mass of powerless exist.

In the past, class systems ensured there was no upward mobility. Literacy was denied to the lower classes and women were denied the vote and inheritance of property to ensure male authority was maintained. Societal constructions of rules and laws ensure the maintenance of a Power elite. In this way a society becomes programmed into certain behaviors which maintain a Power elite. People are not born powerless. They are programmed into it by societal constructions which modify behavior. The person born into poverty, undergoing a sub-standard education, forever has a societal judgement whispering in their ear ‘you’re not good enough’.

Society is defined as ‘an enduring and cooperating social group whose members have developed organised patterns of relationships through interaction with one another’. These ‘organised patterns’ refers not only to local, or smaller, social scenarios, but also to the larger contexts of societal structuring and programming.

In a prior blog I discussed tax havens and their protection by secrecy which is necessary for a Power elite to retain power through wealth. Whilst tax laws are manipulated by Power, the powerless must abide by the tax laws, which reveals another strategy, where for them there are no rules; rules only apply to the powerless. “The rules are… there are no rules” (Aristotle Onassis). The Power elite in the past and members of secret societies, followed the infamous black magician Aleister Crowley’s mantra “do what thou wilt is the whole of the law.” Crowley was head of the O.T.O (Ordo Templis Orientis) another infamous group in the history of Europe.

Aleister Crowley and The Book of the Law

“Crowley’s book commonly referred to as The Book of the Law, proclaimed the arrival of a new stage in the spiritual evolution of humanity, to be known as the ‘Aeon of Horus’. The primary precept of this new aeon was the charge to “Do what thou wilt” i.e. expression of free will, which Hitler exercised and which Professor Haushofer encouraged in the policy and theory of geopolitics. In many ways it is just a re-statement of the beliefs of the “god men” of Genesis, who “argued with their creation and claimed divinity” (The Secret History of European Union Vol. 1 p.293). The will when developed to attain control and authority over others, as history illustrates in the case of Hitler, is bound to fail. Hitler should have focused on will as part of his own self-empowerment and that of others, but he dis-empowered others.

The object of secrecy is of course to keep something hidden from others such that it remains unobserved or detected by others. It is something only revealed to an initiated few, whilst like the Book of Revelations it remains inscrutable to the majority. The Book of Revelations of course is written in code and for those familiar with my books, then they will realise the history I have given explains Revelations. Thus, understanding the past and the role of secret groups is important in understanding the present and the future. In fact survival may depend on it, if you don’t want to end up with the DNA and its fate (Theatre Earth Who Pulls the Strings? Vol. 4 –‘Visions of Hell’).

Those who believe they are powerful love to exhibit the manifestations of what they believe is the source – wealth: yachts, parties, designer clothes media coverage of their activities etc. The source of power is not however the mere material manifestation of it.

Power does not generally tolerate intelligence and creativity, both of which are considered as our species most distinguishing attributes; and particularly does not tolerate those qualities in a woman. I noted in my research how the Early Minoans, a matriarchal society in Crete circa 1600 BC, produced highly creative and beautiful art and as a society were clearly intelligent, holding a belief in The Cycle of Eternal Return (re-incarnation). The Late Minoans however who destroyed that society, produced inferior art and were reduced to copying the ideas of the Woman, unable to formulate their own. I also remarked how the Akashic Record – that library in the sky of all earth past events, carries many commands of “Copy it!”(The Secret History of European Union Vol. 1).

The plagiarism of the Woman’s ideas must have been known, for she signed her beautiful artwork with mauve hands as opposed to the red hands of the ‘red men’ who were still at the stage of drawing ‘stick men’ (Theatre Earth Vol. 2 p. 573). Power in the past may have been coupled to intelligence and creativity but even The Old Testament of the Bible relates how wealth, patriarchy and hereditary monarchy came to dominate the concept of power – things hardly change (Letter to New Scientist). The Woman’s artwork, illustrated powers of observation, so essential to self-empowerment.

The secret is in its ultimate form a key to a desired end. The secret allows something to be achieved without attracting attention. Actions of stealth, artful deception and skillful avoidance of detection are required. This strategy was used in the plan of a Federalised Europe and also there has been a similar secret plan enacted from the beginning with regard to the Book of Revelations and the end of things (The Secret History of European Union Vol. 2, p.427 – ‘America a Peculiar Purpose’). The secret groups and Power work in very long cycles, geared to the astronomical cycles. Those cycles will eventually bring world conflict.

In a prior blog I noted how access to power in European Union and indeed in national politics, is not through intelligence or any CV that shows high achievement. Power requires only subservience and loyalty from ‘toadies’. Vertical ascent of the power pyramid is not therefore determined by intelligence or ability, but by assent of the top echelons who decide on those to ascend and those who are not. The ‘managers’ of grades of the power constructs, certainly avoid promotion of those who are intelligent and able, as it threatens their grade within the Power Pyramid.

The powerless if they became aware of the strategies of Power, would protest and so the ways and means Power uses to retain power must be kept secret. This was the case in the Secret History of European Union, where the strategy used was one of engrenage or gearing – slowly, slowly, so as not to awaken a sleeping populous. Leaks such as those covered in the Panama and Paradise Papers or events surrounding the company Cambridge Analytica (blog: ‘Power and its protection by secrecy’), allowed some strategies of Power to become transparent. However the dumbed-down populous rarely understands the implications. The powerless were given a chance to act and to challenge power; however it is not entirely their fault as media is owned by billionaires or the State and so the scandal was played down by main stream media and virtually did not register. Man has been so conditioned he says ‘Well what can I do about it?’ confirming his socially conditioned state as powerless

Within the pyramid of Power, there are power constructs of visible power, e.g. government and its various departments e.g. education; law courts; medical profession; banks; publishing; media etc. When I started on my alternative cancer research some 30 years ago under the umbrella of the Karnak Charitable Trust, I was as an orthodox scientist (biochemist) socially programmed into believing the rules that govern science. I actually believed that an answer to cancer or even a mechanism that explained much of the research data was wanted. Yes we were as scientists working for the benefit of humanity –weren’t we? That programming crashed, when I observed the strategies that had been used to dis-empower scientists and alternative practitioners, who were achieving success with cancer patients (The Cancer Files).

It took quite some time after careful observation to recognise that I was in a power construct, where the Department of Health (government), the medical profession, psychiatry, the Royal College of Practitioners, the Royal College of Science; the media; science publishing; the peer review system; and science funding, formed a Power network within the Pyramid. The hidden apex was the pharmaceutical industry which formed an economic power construct with other apical economic Power constructs e.g. the chemical industry. Of course a simple answer to cancer was not required; there was no profit in it.

The pharmaceutical industry use the Power construct goal of control, authority and influence over others. They achieve this through their monopolistic control of the health business and through social conditioning. People demand drugs to treat their illnesses. There are also through strategies using the various parts of the Power construct listed above further opportunities to limit access to Power e.g. by not funding certain research; by not publishing certain research; by using media and propaganda to black list any alternative or practitioner and to deny them fair hearing; by conducting dishonest research etc. A more detailed account of these methods used against alternative practitioners including your author is recounted in The Cancer Files (see also blog: ‘Silencing the New Paradigm’).

Another Power construct is the legal system and the hidden Power there is Freemasonry (letter to Geoffrey Cox). There is then a visible societal power but above this is a hidden elite Power. If you are viewed as a threat to this hidden Power, you will experience the full brunt of strategies to dis-empower you and I certainly underwent that in the so-called British ‘Justice’ System or ‘Alice’s courts, where the law is surreally thrown out of the window and mad hatters prevail: the crime? – disseminating knowledge and revealing secrets, in order to empower others.

To imagine Power constructs within the Power Pyramid, one could almost compare it to the Sierpinski triangle, which is a fractal described in 1915 by Waclaw Sierpinski. It is a self- similar structure that occurs at different levels of iterations, or magnifications. This geometric structure along with Pascale’s triangle (Theatre Earth Vol. 1 p. 66, 530) is of unknown but great interest when in my research I sought the significance of triangulated space and its control of human behaviour by the Universal Mind (Theatre Earth Vol. 3 p. 240 ‘Close packing of atoms to create the rhombus computer’). In short does man create patterns of control below, which are dictated by the laws of science above? Of course these are material and not spiritual laws, the latter are not subject to control.

The Sierpinksi Triangle

If the goal of the Power elite is control, authority and influence over others, then this becomes the supportive replicate goal of the ‘managers’ or all hierarchies of the various Power constructs (toadies). The example of health given above is just one fractal or small triangle and Power construct. It is clear that at all levels of the societal construct there is self-similarity to the goals of the apex and subservience and obedience is required from grades below. Compliance ends in rewards, dissent in punishment.

The underdogs and majority dis-empowered are socially conditioned to be managed and show deference to the top dogs. This is very visible with monarchy and with the Honours List where subservience loyalty and obedience are rewarded. You won’t find any of the ‘awkward squad’ honoured. Awards publicly announced re-enforce social conditioning. Power parades scenes to the many which re-enforce the concept of power as requiring subservience and obedience.

French President Emmanuel Macron admonished a schoolboy who called him by his first name, telling the teen: “You call me Mr President.” The president was speaking to schoolchildren gathered to watch an official ceremony paying tribute to the French Resistance when an unnamed adolescent in the crowd greeted him with “How’s it going, Manu?” The boy, who probably innocently thought he was being cool, collided with Power and the need for subservience and authority. It is interesting President Macron pointed with his index finger as dictators often used this finger and Hitler prominently pointed with it.

French President Emmanuel Macron speaks with the teenage boy in Paris CREDIT: TF1 VIA AP

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, has been criticised after he was filmed accusing disgruntled workers of preferring to stir up “bloody chaos” rather than find jobs, weeks after he called critics of his labour reforms “slackers.” The workers had collided with Power and the need for control, authority and subservience.

Employees of a car parts manufacturer clash with police as they protest during Macron’s visit to Égletons. Photograph: Pascal Lachenaud/AFP/Getty Images

Subservience is necessary for the maintenance of power, as it feeds back into and supports the societal power artifices, which in turn create and maintain subservience which dis-empowers by decreasing awareness and flattening will power. How many times is a so-called ‘expert’ wheeled out to confirm the Power elite goals? The expert is there to negate any outlier who might pose a view that threatens the authority and influence of the Power elite. “An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.” – Niels Bohr.

Whilst the visible Power head can be supported or attacked, the invisible Power head remains unidentified and clouded in secrecy. The secrecy adds to the complexity of the labyrinth or web and causes confusion and bewilderment. Good powers of deduction, logic and observation importantly are required. Climate activists sitting on roads, is probably an answer for the powerless, but they need to get smart and be prepared to go into the labyrinth. However the Power elite are always on guard for revolts by the powerless; and we have recently seen the force of power of the powerless created by sheer numbers in Hong Kong protests and Yellow Vest protests in France. Concessions are made to quell restlessness.

The powerless masses as in Rome needed ‘bread and circuses’ in order to keep them content and not resistive of the powerful. Soap operas dealing especially with domestic situations and frequently characterized by melodrama and sentimentality, where people shout at one another as a form of communicating, have ‘strops’ and generally go from one crisis to the next appears to have significantly dumbed-down society; along with reality TV. Book sales are in decline, libraries shutting and a school curriculum full of fake history and often bias science has also contributed to the decline in knowledge or superior empowering facts. The web of secrets also diminishes knowledge.

The many however are fascinated by obvious power based on wealth – the flashy cars, the designer clothes, the mansions, holidays, handbags and the whole parading of what is believed to be power- but far from it. Equally those in power are fascinated by themselves. Now everyone must chatter incessantly (Twitter) or fill Facebook with their activities which are believed to show them as powerful or at least interesting. Queues on Everest; selfies at Chernobyl and so on. I don’t suppose the Buddha sitting under a lotus tree for years would create much of a following on Facebook or Twitter – “still here.”

Another method of reducing the will power, required for empowerment is to keep society just above the minimum survival level, in order to maintain control, authority and influence.  The politics of fear, depressions and wars all allow Power elite to push through their own agendas. The powerful or those contending for power are not very much interested in anything too egalitarian because it complicates power positioning and the climbing of power ladders.

Virtually all strategies used by Power decrease expansion of awareness, and decrease will. I experienced what these strategies do to one, when after some years of being dis-empowered by the Cancer Power Pyramid and Masonic law courts; I fled to Greece to work on resolving Einstein’s singularity. I was driving on a cliff top road, with my children, where the cliff edge looked far out to sea and a horizon. We were screaming and laughing as we motored – the sheer space we experienced illustrated how far our life force had been boxed in or contracted by our nightmarish experiences.

I realised that dis-empowerment tactics are designed to induce power implosion, rather than power expansion. If you suppress and dis-empower people enough they have such a low life force they die. It was in Greece that I recovered my will and decided to write the books and share with others the empowering knowledge I had accumulated through my research – an expansion of life force.

The question became was Power in the prehistoric past closely associated with the basic and imperative drive for survival? A Power structure built on survival would have developed traits such as awareness, power of observation, cunning, craftiness, enhanced senses, intuitive and inventive intelligence. Given that Power corrupts when abused, were later Power constructs, overlaid on the foundations where traits based on greed and control of others were developed i.e. power for the sake of power? Do such people in these low psychologies become controlled by the Universal Mind?

Later constructs would need power of observation which became spying as corrupted power had no ability to observe for itself. Secrecy developed into secret group Lodges, with a ‘need to know’ strategy and where the powerless were placed in the category of ‘do not need to know anything.’ Cunning and craftiness then became traits used on others and potential competitors for Power, rather than environmental survival. Intuition and inventive intelligence declined and this is presumably why “Copy it!” occurs numerous times on the Akashic Record (The Secret History of European Union vol. 1).

GCHQ UK Government Communications Headquarters. Its agents gather information by secretly listening in to phone conversations, satellite signals and reading e-mails. They decode messages, and monitor communication between people, 

The Power elite need to know everything or they will not remain in power. Spying and the vast intelligence network is now part of that. ’Managers’ are on a ‘need to know’ and are only told what Power elites choose to tell them. The workers supporting and servicing the Power structure need to know only that which is required to continue supporting and servicing the Power structure. The powerless need not know anything other than that which keeps them content and non-rebellious.

The Power Pyramid is a top down society and not a bottom up i.e. power resides with a few at the top and not the many below. The West likes to believe it is a democracy, with power residing in the many, but the various strategies Power uses, renders democracy invalid. There are no ethics at the top. It is not criminals at the bottom of the pyramid that threaten society; it is those at the top, who filter their values “there are no rules” down through the societal structures.

Catch me next time!

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