Saudi Arabia oil attack – 9/11 re-run: How to start secret multiple wars in the Middle East part 2

The notion that President Trump is a pragmatist and pacific, rejecting foreign entanglements is a wrong assessment. He is the most pro-Israel President to set foot in the White House and will soon share defense policy with Israel. He has supported Benjamin Netanyahu in annexing the Jordan Valley and north Dead Sea areas in the occupied West Bank; controversially recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; cancelled the JCPOA Iran nuclear deal; and had controversial territory in the Golan Heights named after him, all destroying hopes of peace in The Middle East. A war with Iran is looming, with the U.S. following a covert Likud-neoconservative agenda which is Israel’s foreign policy evident after 9/11.


War and globalisation or imperialism and colonialism go hand in hand. Militarization supports the conquest of new economic frontiers and the worldwide imposition of a “free market” system. It was doubtful whether Islam was ever capable of adapting to a globalised society because Islam instinctively opposes globalisation and the secular values it entails. Globalisation is a fragmenting process, eroding the sovereignty of states and fomenting the rebirth of new social, cultural and religious loyalties. Globalisation with its integration of markets, nation-states and technologies enabled individuals, corporations and nation-states to reach around the world farther, faster and cheaper. No allowance was made for people encountering different ideas, faiths, identities, foods, skin tones, music, sexual practices and languages: the familiar no longer present caused fear. That fear was heightened with the incessant wars and environmental issues. It is unsurprising that mental health issues are on the increase particularly among young people when confronted daily with those fears. It is impossible to imagine the mental anguish of those forced to live, with constant bombardment during war and the grief they experience through the loss of their loved ones. This planet is no longer conducive to spiritual survival – this must change. When men start to murder children then man has reached absolute depravity…... By October 2004 the Bush administration had already identified Syria as the next stage of “the road map to war” ……...

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