Coronavirus: Did COVID-19 originate in a ‘Wet Market’ or like AIDS – in a laboratory?

Evidence shows that the AIDS virus was created in a laboratory. Did the second SARS outbreak (COVID-19) of 2019-2020, following the first outbreak (2002-2003) originate in a ‘Wet Market’ or in a laboratory? Are international bodies like the World Health Organisation incompetent, or is this pandemic part of a geopolitical strategy?


In 1987, the British National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS), forwarded a comprehensive scientific and fully referenced report to your author asking for assistance, in its dissemination to the scientific community. At the time, having been denied funds from over twenty grant funding bodies for cancer research and lacking any forthcoming donations to the charity Karnak, set up in the hope of opening a Cancer Centre, to showcase the mechanism, I had researched; I found myself inundated with work and stretched on funds, having to finance the whole of the research myself, with only one £400 donation. There was no internet and through my own cancer research, I realised that there was a formidable aggressive barrier to truth. I promised to do what I could at a later date and during the Coronavirus ‘lockdown’ some 32 years later, rummaged through boxes of files, to dig out the report. A bit late, but perhaps not……...The HIV (AIDS) virus is actually more closely related to the visna and equine infectious anemia lentiviruses of hoofed animals than to other HTLV type retroviruses, so we must consider how such lentiviruses, found their way into a situation where they could have joined together (mixed phenotypically) with a virus more commonly found in monkeys. Such an event could have been purely accidental during a number of laboratory procedures or more likely, occurred during deliberate experiments with lentiviruses and monkeys or their cells. We have to ask whether this was deliberate or accidental in creating HIV and whether the release of the virus was accidental or deliberate?........ The spotlight of public scrutiny has never turned on the scientific community, in the way it has on other industries over environmental and health issues. In a prior Blog (‘Secret US-UK trade deal: are genetically modified organisms on the conspiratorial menu?) I expressed concern over transgenic crossing experiments that are being carried out today. I also questioned in my last Blog (‘Chimeras, slave species and a censored mechanism for the mind’) the risk inherent in the research today of creating chimeras e.g. mouse-human cells, monkey-human cells and pig-human cells being mixed to create hybrids…..“…the production of a deadly and (so far) uncontrollable disease like AIDS was inevitable, given the nature of experiments carried out all over America and in other countries during the 1960’s and 70’s…”. Going on to say “…our research has revealed that not only was HIV made by a combination of two different viruses, but the only plausible way for this to have happened is in a laboratory…”.

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