Power: strategies and goals vs egalitarianism



Society appears to outwardly change over time, but in fact its structures and inner workings remain remarkably the same. Philosophically speaking the egalitarian hypothesis assumed freedom, equality and importantly equal opportunity for all. This can never be allowed by the Power elite who seek control, authority and influence over others and the strategies, by which this is achieved vary little in different political systems and also vary little throughout history.

Power needs the powerless in order to exercise control, authority and influence and of course accumulate wealth in the process…… Power perpetuates itself by strategies that vary very little. An enormous amount of data and knowledge is avoided, forbidden and classed as taboo; this includes the true facts of history and the role of secret groups and their strategies in that history. It also includes forbidden hidden science. This knowledge has the ability to empower but it remains off limits with the outcome of dumbing down humanity……If one wants to achieve power, one must truly understand the strategies of power, the societal model which limits power and the power constructs within the societal model.  In a prior blog the pyramidal power model of the EU, was compared to the beehive model……In any attempt at self-empowerment or the empowerment of others, sooner or later you will hit the barriers to empowerment created by the Power elite and its constructs of grades of power. The barriers are there to guard against access to power, and limit too much empowerment by too many…… Extraordinary evidence emerged that the Metropolitan Police targeted a Chinese dissident in London following concerted pressure from Beijing……. One strategy of Power has been to police those who seek to empower others or become self-empowered. Political Correctness is just one such strategy, where effectively every citizen has been enrolled in this ‘spy’ network. It relies on the urge of the majority to ‘fit in’ and the base nature of man, who is never as happy as when he can become a ‘good citizen’ by causing misery to others. The Nazis of course relied on this strategy, as did the East German official state security service – the Stasi. It is a sad fact that societal power conditioned as it has been, is trained by Power to suppress, thwart or prevent self-empowerment or empowerment of others……In a previous blog I referred to a whistle-blower of Freemasonry, who when describing his experience of that organisation referred to it as a “feudal power” system based on subservience…….Power does not generally tolerate intelligence and creativity, both of which are considered as our species most distinguishing attributes; and particularly does not tolerate those qualities in a woman……To imagine Power constructs within the Power Pyramid, one could almost compare it to the Sierpinski triangle….

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