Saudi Arabia Oil Attack 9-11 re-run: How to Start Secret Multiple Wars in The Middle East Part 1



The notion that President Trump is a pragmatist and pacific, rejecting foreign entanglements is a wrong assessment. He is the most pro-Israel President to set foot in the White House and will soon share defense policy with Israel. He has supported Benjamin Netanyahu in annexing the Jordan Valley and north Dead Sea areas in the occupied West Bank; controversially recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; cancelled the JCPOA Iran nuclear deal; and had controversial territory in the Golan Heights named after him, all destroying hopes of peace in The Middle East. A war with Iran is looming, with the U.S. following a covert Likud-neoconservative agenda and Israel’s foreign policy evident after 9/11.


Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to annex Palestinian territory in the occupied West Bank and crucially, seize the bread basket of the Jordan valley, is not only illegal under international law but would, if enacted, make peace impossible in the Middle East. The two- state solution for Israelis and the Palestinians, would dissolve and with it the Palestinian right to national self-determination and statehood. The backlash will undoubtedly escalate wars and ‘terrorism’. Mr. Netanyahu has the support of Donald Trump, who has single-handedly destroyed the United States’ honest-broker role. The US president recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and endorsed the illegal seizure of the Golan Heights. He also cut off humanitarian aid to Palestinians, presumably hoping to starve them into submission. It is doubtful whether Trump notoriously lacking in the benefits of academic or any reading, has any knowledge of the history of the region, or indeed events surrounding 9/11 and the 2001 attack on the Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon. Trump and his advisers are however all supporters of the settler movement to build housing in the West Bank for Israeli Jews in contravention of international law. Trump’s ‘carrot and stick’ approach to the “art of the deal” in the Middle East will not work against ideology and will only end in war…….

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