Imperium in Imperio – ‘A State within a State’



Freemasonry has been referred to as a ‘State within a State’ – an Imperium in Imperio, more correctly a government, power, or sovereignty within a government, power, or sovereignty; such a body is illegal under the British Constitution. All the top grades of Freemasonry are Jewish begging the question whether Israel is the hidden State, a position that since 9/11 is evident in American foreign policy as a political and religious war in the globalisation “road map” is being fought.

Over a period of thirty years I collected evidence in my case of Human Rights violations mainly committed in British Courts of Law, in relation to my research and books, but particularly over the mechanism for cancer I formulated (The Cancer Files) …… A whistle-blower and past member of Freemasonry also revealed that the majority of Freemasons are Conservatives: “…As for politics they don’t need to talk about it: they’re nearly all Conservatives…Freemasonry is a mechanism of social control. It’s a feudal pyramid…Have you ever thought why the police are so cultivated by Freemasonry? Lawyers, local government officials and businessmen are well represented. By drawing these kinds of people into the network, the landed aristocracy and big business filter their values down through the social structure. One of the first things you are taught in Freemasonry is to obey rank…you can forget about merit, Freemasonry is all about subordination…” (The Secret History of European Union v.2, p. 109) …… “…I was particularly disturbed by the attitudes of top Masons. I got to know several who are high Court judges. In private they talk as if ordinary people are an expendable nuisance…these people say appalling things about the working man…” (The Secret History of the European Union v.2, p. 108) …… Recently I disclosed in my research, a Masonic Lodge was being held in Westminster – the heart of government and yet this had gone unchallenged, until the Guardian newspaper picked up the research…. I wrote to The Guardian including an article by Tom King in The Times [27th Dec. 2017 – ‘Mafia join Freemasons to ‘do deals’ with judiciary’]. The resulting banner headline in The Guardian (Feb. 5th 2018) was entitled: ‘Secret Freemasons’ lodges for MPs and journalists revealed’. After the so-called “Exclusive” The Guardian made a quick climb down, following United Grand Lodge’s two full page advertisements in The Telegraph and The Times – ‘Enough is Enough’ [ 8th Feb. 2018]. This was followed by a placatory right of reply by Grand Lodge [Ian Cobain -9th Feb. 2018 – Freemasons have been unfairly stigmatised says Grand Lodge Chief’].   This should have been thoroughly investigated as Freemasonry claims to be non-political and non-religious; both claims based on my research are false………

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