Silencing The New Paradigm

Working Report On Cancer: Artists Impression

Today any opinion no matter how ill-informed can travel around the planet in an instant. However absurdly it is also a time when free speech is under threat in the very institutions that are supposed to encourage it. The practise of denying people the right to express views that a self-selecting group of social media […]

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Heading Towards Omega

Sunflower head showing double cycle of clockwise and anti-clockwise turns [Theatre Earth v. 3. Fig. 82 p.292] James Lovelock forty years ago postulated that Earth is a self-regulatory system able to keep the climate and chemical composition comfortable for organisms. This was called the Gaia Hypothesis, which as evidence and mathematical models accumulated has now […]

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Chasing the Beast

Statue of Europa

Statue of Europa and the Bull, Winston Churchill Building, Strasbourg. The D-Day 75th Anniversary celebrations commemorating 6th June 1944, as expected re-applied the myth that European Union evolved after World War 11, in order to bring peace to Europe. The evidence in The Secret History of European Union [2 vols] points to the high probability […]

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